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Happy White People’s Independence Day!

Independence Day also has nothing to do with white people’s independence slavery wasn’t even largely present at the time America split from GB…

with the presence of 450,000 enslaved African Americans in the 13 colonies. Slavery was practiced in every colony in 1775, but it was crucial to the economy and social structure from the Chesapeake region south to Georgia. Slave labor produced the great export crops of the South-tobacco, rice, indigo, and naval stores. Bringing slaves from Africa and the West Indies had made settlement of the New World possible and highly profitable. ” (x)

who had the exact same face tho?

white people need to stop making up history up like nigga’s can’t google the truth in 30 seconds




A 20-year-old girl from South Africa known as Sarah “Saartjie” Baartman was recruited to work in a Paris zoo because of a genetic characteristic known as steatopygia – protuberant buttocks and elongated labia. Whites went to the zoo to look at her buttocks and at other naked Black women with the same shape.

Gawking with desire: since forever and today.

This is the shit that I was talking about. Black women have a history of being treated like animals and if we dare say some shit about it we get shut down and told we’re either over reacting or lying for attention.

"recruited"? its not like she was scouted for college ball.

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