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Anonymous asked:

why are like most fictional characters white like even when theyre not white the movies make them white, why cant we be represented just as equally as white people



I don’t know how to answer this because I know the answer to this, and you know the answer to this, everyone knows the answer but no one wants to say it and no one knows what do about it. 

I will say can I understand why some caucasian authors don’t write a lot of poc characters. Especially main characters. It’s easy to write what you know and what you’re familiar with. There is always that problem where a white author writes about a character who is a poc and then you have people saying it’s not an accurate representation, it’s racism, no one talks like that, you don’t know what it’s like to be a poc so how can your write this, etc. I mean some authors can do it, and they do it well, but I think other authors might be afraid to risk it. I don’t know. But then you have authors who aren’t white that have white main characters so I don’t know. It’s very contradictory. Nothing makes sense. As for the movie/tv industry they have a lot of problems. 

Completely agree. There should def be more main characters who are poc, but I think it’s hard for white writers to write about someone’s experience as a poc because they will never actually know what that’s like. So that leads to the question: why aren’t there more authors who are poc? Unfortunately, that doesn’t have an easy answer either.

This question of why aren’t there POC authors is so disappointing. There are many, many, many POC authors out there, but most people aren’t exposed to their works because mainstream books (i.e. white authors) are what’s promoted many times over. Check your local Barnes and Noble. The African-American or Hispanic or Asian novels are scarcely found or featured on the browsing tables. It doesn’t mean they don’t exist, it’s what the industry deems more marketable, forgetting POC audiences do want to see books about themselves, their lives and their experiences. Saddening.

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